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'''Irmel Weber'''

born 1954 , dances Tango Argentino since 1984
certified teacher of the '''Alexander Technique'''

Her basic dancing style is influenced through her teachers Eduardo Arquimbau, Antonio Todaro and Gustavo Naveira.

She also did continuing education in Neotango.

She performed together with her dancing partner Michael Rühl in Tangoshows and Tangoconcerts as they performed in varietés and theatres.

Since 1988 she is teaching successfully Tango Argentino in her own Tangoschool.

In her teaching she attachs great importance on the equallity of leading and following and the pleasure of “dancing together” and the “how” of the movements.

As she is a '''certified Teacher in the F.M. Alexander Technique''' she is specialised in teaching how good use of the body leads to harmonised, coordinated and efficient movements and through this to a better dancing of the Tango Argentino.

Irmel Weber offers Tangoclasses and individual lessons throughout the whole year.

Also she is offering workshops specially linked to Tango Argentino and the '''Alexander-Technique'''.

She is also training '''Tangoteachers'''.

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